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2008 Kawasaki Teryx


It was both an honor and a pleasure to be invited to the amazing trails of Sand Hollow State Park in St. George UT by Kawasaki Motor Company to test and review the all new 2008 Kawasaki Teryx.  Having been an RUV owner and enthusiast since 2003 its always a pleasure to try something new, but I have had a special interest in this machine ever since seeing the initial specifications that promised to raise the bar over everything I've learned to expect from and grown to love about RUVs.

In order to create the most complete review possible my intention was to pick this machine apart in an impartial manner in order to find its strengths as well as expose any potential weaknesses in the design.  I have done my best to test every aspect of this machine that would be most important to you both as a consumer and an off-roader.  If in this I have over-looked something that may be important to you, please stop by OUR FORUM and let me know.




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